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What's a Wrap?
They're the coolest and most innovative thing to hit the advertising world in years!
Many different kinds of wrap materials are available, allowing an extremely wide range
of application possibilities.  T-Bone Graphics, will help you to choose the right material
or combination of materials for your project.  


Advertising Wraps:  Generally, vehicle wraps for the purpose of advertising are designed to be non-permanent, and some can be removed or changed out quickly.  They are digitally printed from a custom design, and then laminated for additional durability.  They are meant to look great when viewed from 6 to 8 feet away, and if treated properly can last for several years.  Vehicle wraps transform your car, vehicle, or fleet into moving billboards for your business. In fact, more people in more locations see these mobile advertisements than the traditional stationary billboard.   They're high-impact and cost effective, they build brand recognition, reinforce brand identity, and offer unmatched cost-effective visibility, and they work for virtually any industry.  T-Bone Graphics knows that marketing success doesn't come easily, and that vehicle wraps are one option among many; allow us to help you explore your options! 

Color-Change Wraps:  High-end color change wraps require much higher attention to detail, especially during installation, and are necessarily priced accordingly.  Many colors are available in several finishes, including matte, gloss, metallic and textured.  There are also several mirror-finish, carbon fiber, and color shift options.  Color-Change Wraps are generally intended for Show Cars and Car Aficionados.


A wrap doesn't have to be only on a vehicle, though; you can also wrap storefront
windows, boats, walls, floors, concrete, brick, or just about any surface!  Allow us
to transform your interior or exterior surfaces into a visual feast, taking your location
to the next level with full color prints!

As an innovator in the industry, T-Bone Graphics has spent almost three decades
perfecting our craft.  Our dedication to superior craftsmanship allows us to directly
handle every aspect of the wrap process to create a finished product that is second
to none.  Call or email us today to discuss YOUR project!  

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