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What is a Specialty Wrap?
Specialty Wraps (also known as "color-change wraps" and "paint wraps") are cutting edge, high-end wrap materials. Unlike the regular wrap materials, these high-end materials come in solid colors, as well as unique patterns.  Matte black, brushed aluminum, metallic colors, carbon fiber and chrome are just a few of the options available.  These unique materials can transform any vehicle into a custom ride that is sure to turn heads and increase the resale value and demand for your vehicle!  Please call or email us for an estimate on your Specialty Wrap project.

Specialty materials require special care.  Vehicle owners who opt for wrapping must take measures to protect their vehicles from elements that can damage the wraps themselves, such as dirt, bird droppings, and moisture.  Stains can penetrate the vinyl wrapping, so it is recommended that owners of wrapped vehicles wash them at least twice a month. These car washes should be done by hand with a soft sponge and good quality car wash soap.  For quick touch-up jobs, a can of final finish can eliminate staining caused by pollen, dust, or fingerprints.  

Check out this video for more details:

Other Specialty Wraps
We can wrap Textured Surfaces!

We can design and install custom graphics on Concrete, Brick or Tile. Allow us to transform your interior and exterior walls and floors into a visual feast!

Our experts will take your brick or concrete wall to the next level with full color prints, available with a wide range of finishes. Utilize new designs to help brand your old brick & mortar building, stairways and staircases, and floors.​